Anuragini finds it challenging to scourge through her purse for change every morning. It is a race against time as her son is ready for the school while she juggles through everything elseincluding the ever daunting task of finding the lunch money to hand over to him. He is a kid, so she doesn’t want to entrust him with a five hundred rupee bill, nor does she want him to be left longing for an extra helping of snack. Pooja’s struggle isn’t with the change but ensuring her kid uses it for the purpose it is being given. Last time she gave him a hundred rupee bill to get new stationary but instead Abhi treated himself to a Frostick and chocolate. While she fumed inside because he already is fighting tooth cavity, Pooja melted to the innocent eyes that simply plead guilty. Does Anuragini and Pooja’s struggles sound real to you? Do you find it challenging to entrust your kids with money? Well, as real as these struggles are, the solutions are simple yet effective. Smart living needs smart choices and that’s why BITOODLE brings to you the SMART CARD- your one stop solutions to the intermix of money and parenting challenges.

What is a Smart Card?

At Bitoodle, we understand how money could be that one challenging parenting domain which is difficult to scale. Our Smart Card has been designed to help parents avoid giving kids physical money. Be it for lunch, stationary, or a paid school activity, you can pre-load the smart card with an amount you deem sufficient. The card can be swapped at the school canteen and nearby stationary & cafeterias. Our effective networks around all prominent schools in Bareilly ensures that the card is swappable in and around the schools. With our Smart Card, you can rest assured that your kid learns responsibility the smarter way.

Benefits of using Smart Card

●No need to give physical money to the kid

● No scourging for change every morning

● Easy and trusted way to give your kids lunch money

● Load a necessary amount and keep track of expenses

● Applicable at all schools, nearby stationary shops, and canteens

● Ensures kid’s safety as you can track where they used it last

● Helps teach financial responsibility to kids in a controlled and effective manner with limited exposure to money

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