These terms of sale are subject to modification at any time and therefore both the buyer and seller are requested to carefully read these terms of sale before listing any product or before buying the product. The revised terms of sale on the website will be made available. If such facility is provided, you can determine that these terms of sale were modified in the final form in relation to the "Last Update" legend given above.

You are requested to visit the website regularly to see the most current terms of sales. You will have the responsibility to check the terms of sale from time to time for changes, and the buyer should also check additional terms.

Seller's sale on product listing Before you can use further website and related services, you may be asked to provide your specific consent for any updates in a specific update, if there is no demand for a separate consensus, And after the modifications, the use of the website continuously or these terms of sale will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications.

Offer and Acceptance of the Product

  1. The seller then sells the seller-listed products on the seller and website when the seller agrees to buy the product listed by it, so the seller accepts such an offer for sale. The buyer understands and agrees that the proposal for the sale of the product by the seller is not a complete or an extraordinary offer, for sale by the seller, such offer to the buyer before the delivery of the product and without any obligation, Is subject to and to provide any reason for such rejection or without any consent from the buyer and without any obligation or any obligation to buyer The seller and the buyer understand and agree on the sale transaction, listing or acceptance for any reason for any reason under the Vendor Agreement, Sale Terms, Website Terms, Privacy Policy or any other reason.


  1. If the order is lost, cancelled or un-delivered to your given location till expected delivery time then we will refund the complete order amount including shipping charges within 7-10 working days (if it is a prepaid order).
  2. If you return a correct order which is delivered to you, then we will refund you only product value not shipping charge.
  1. The Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges.

How Can I Check if Bitoodle Delivers to My PIN Code?

  1. You can check out if Bitoodle delivers to your PIN Code, which is available on the product page. Please tap on “Check Pincode Options” and enter your area PIN code in the respective field to get the required information about expected order delivery time.

What is the Estimated Delivery Time?

  1. Sellers generally ship the items within the time, exclude public holidays and Sundays.
  2. Estimated delivery time depends on the given factors:
  1. • The Seller offering the product
  2. • Product's availability with the Seller
  3. • The destination to which you want the order shipped to and location of the Seller.

There Are Any Hidden Charges (Sales Tax, Octroi Etc) on Products Sold by Sellers on Bitoodle?

  1. No, there are no hidden charges when you make a purchase on Bitoodle. Price list is final and all-inclusive

Does Bitoodle Deliver Internationally?

  1. No. At this time, Bitoodle delivers products only in India.
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