It is the session end and there is a pile of books ready to eat dust in your kid’s study room. Of the several options, one is to sell it off to waterpaper vendor or a scrap dealer. You did spend a few thousand rupees and won’t mind getting returns. But it doesn’t approve with your conscience to let the set of books disintegrate into shreds. Afterall, paper has its own environmental cost and a book should be used up to its maximum potential. Well, then the other option is to donate it to a kid who really needs it. But again the challenge is to find a worthy candidate who needs one. If the above scenario represents the dilemma you face, Bitoodle has a solution in store for you. Our ‘Donate a Set’ campaign bridges the gap between a willing donor and acceptor. We have tried to combine the best of both worlds, wherein the donor gets to seek compensation for their generous donation while the acceptor doesn’t need to spend a bomb.

How ‘Donate a Set’ works?

Parents willing to donate books can do so by going to our school section and fill out an order to donate books. In return, they will receive a compensation in the form of minimum base price and/ or coupons redeemable on the next purchase of book set, stationery or related services at Bitoodle, as applicable. Our representative will come to your house, access the condition of books and collect them from you. The same set of books, donated by you, will be made available to parents seeking them, all free of charge. They will only be required to pay the shipping cost.

Salient features of ‘Donate a Set’:

● Eco-friendly solution to promote recycling of books

● Decent compensation for books your kid no longer needs

● Donate used up set of books to a kid who would really appreciate it

● No charges levied on the receiver. Nominal shipping rates apply

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