Talent and intelligence exist beyond the bounds of class, creed or nationality. There could be an APJ Kalam hidden in one of the meekest kids sitting in the farthest corner of the class. There could be a Kalpana Chawla in the girl who struggles to keep the torn pages of her second hand book together. Afterall, the Super 30 has already made us aware of how even the slightest nudge towards the right direction can bring phenomenal results.

Book sets these days cost anywhere from eight to ten thousand per class/ curriculum. Combined with the rising cost of living and school fees, it can be a bit too much to afford. Taking a cue from the monetary challenges parents with limited means might face, Bitoodle has taken upon an initiative to address the issue in the best possible capacity we can. Our Book Bank endeavour is to help kids from marginalized background gain full access to affordable books.

What is Book Bank?

Bitoodle shall select five students from each class per school who are in real need of subsidized book set, as per their curriculum. Each returnable book set would come at the subsidized price of Rs 1500, of which Rs 500 would be given back next year. The book set would be as applicable and approved by the school for the particular class’s curriculum. Students can fill the form, to request the book set, at the beginning of the session each year. Forms would be made available both online (on our website) and offline (at school counter).

For more queries, please write to us at or call us at 9012-255-255.

Benefits of enrolling into our Book Bank program:

● Spend only Rs 1500/- in contrast to 8-10 K per book set

● Get cashback of Rs 500/- next year

● Binded and well kept books

● Strictly as per school approved curriculum

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