If I Have No Account on Bitoodle, Can I Shop From Here?

No, if you have not an a/c on Bitoodle you can’t buy from here. Firstly register yourself as a customer through this link https://www.bitoodle.com/Home/Register then start shopping.

What is The Mean of “Out Of Stock”?

When an item is not available with our seller then that item is marked as an “Out of Stock” & that means nobody can buy that out of stock product until it will in stock.

What is The Bitoodle’sRefer & Earn Program?

Shopping at Bitoodle is fun – and twice with our ‘Refer & Earn’ program, you can invite your friends to join the Bitoodleand earn Rs.10as they download Bitoodle App& register through your referral code.

How Can I Refer My Friend To Bitoodle?

  1. You can refer your friends in three quick steps:
  1. Download and install the Bitoodle App at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  2. Once install our app, click on 'Profile' > 'My Account' > 'Refer and Earn'.
  3. Share your invitation by any of the available listed methods.

How Long Will It Take For My Bitoodle Money To Be Credited To My Bitoodle Wallet?

Once your friend download Bitoodle App & register with your referral code you will be rewarded with Rs10 in your Bitoodle wallet.

How Can I Place an Order Using The Money in My Bitoodle Wallet?

At the time of payment, while placing an order, any balance in your Bitoodle wallet will automatically reflect towards your order. If the order value is higher than the balance in your Bitoodle Wallet, you can pay for the difference using any of the online payment method options, such as Debit card, Credit Card and Net Banking. Cash on Delivery option is not available when choosing to pay using Bitoodle Wallet.

Does Bitoodle Deliver Internationally?

No. At this time, Bitoodle delivers products only in India.

What is The Reason for Showing the Same Product in Many Prices?

There is only one reason, the same products' listed by many sellers.

Is There Any Option For My Orders From Different Sellers To Be Delivered Together?

No, this option is not available here because all sellers are available in different locations & their delivery timeline is also different.